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Hi! My name is Koda Moon.
I am the author and creator of this website,
and this is me:



Growing up, collecting and testing out cool new pocket knives was always something I loved to do. Knives came in all shapes, colors, styles and sizes- and I wanted them all. No matter what I was doing, whether it be camping, fishing, hiking or exploring, I always found myself pulling out a knife to get something done. I never went anywhere without my trusty tool.

When I was younger, I never really thought of myself as a knife collector. It wasn’t until I was older that I became more serious about my collection, and decided to create a blog featuring my experiences. That is how pocketknifeninja.com was formed- so that I could share my pocket knife experiences with the world, and let others make their own well-informed decisions when purchasing a new knife.

I’m a guy that thinks the pocket knife is pretty much the most valuable tool you could have on you, and I highly advise you look into getting one if you don’t already. The point of this website is to serve as a guide in helping you choose your best suited knife, and I’m glad to do my part in spreading my interest in pocket knives to others.

If you have any questions at all regarding anything on this website, feel free to ask me about it. You can drop a comment on a post or you can contact me more directly using the contact page. I would be glad to help!


Koda Moon