CRKT Ignitor Folding Pocket Knife Review

“If the ARMY Had a Pocket Knife…”


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Nothing is as simple as it seems… and today I have a knife that proves just that.


At first glance, the CRKT Ignitor appears to be a simple, ordinary folding knife that lacks any real sense of character or personality



It isn’t until you observe this knife a little more closely, however, that you realize it was actually designed with innovation clearly in mind. 


This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone though, considering CRKT always seems to be on the cutting edge of knife techpun intended. 



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The CRKT Ignitor is a mid-sized spring assisted EDC pocket knife that was designed by renowned knife maker Ken Steigerwalt. 


All things considered, this knife is ergonomically superior, sports a thin blade made from 8Cr14Mov, and even wears increasingly attractive black and green G-10 scales.


  • Outburst® Assisted Opening
  • Fire Safe® Thumb Stud Actuation
  • Layered G10 Handles




This knife suits those who prefer knives with a no-nonsense, straightforward look, yet a slightly more sophisticated approach to locks and deployment mechanisms.


If you’re looking for a large EDC with a loud personality and a big thick blade, the Ignitor probably won’t be a good fit for you. If that’s your style, try checking out the CRKT Fossil.



If, on the other hand, you’re seeking out a medium-sized EDC that prefers to blend into the background more, you might have stumbled onto something worthwhile here…


Instead of shouting “look how good I am”, the Ignitor takes a different approach. It lets its impressive build and practical functionality speak for itself. In other words, it lets its high-quality nature speak for itself.




The Ignitor is a solid and well designed pocket knife by Columbia River and Knife & Tool company. To me, it’s reminiscent of a classic army knife.


In short, this is basically the modern spin on how I think a manly EDC should look and perform… It’s sharp, comfortable, snappy and reliable. 



My verdict on this knife is that it’s a great little EDC to add to your rotation. It’s not perfect, as no knife is, but I’m generally a CRKT fan, so it’s no surprise that I’m a fanboy for this knife… 


I like that it’s able to simultaneously be simple and complex at the same time. It was designed with simplicity in mind, yet it still manages to break status quo in terms of innovation among EDCs. 



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At first glance, the Ignitor might not be much to look at. At least, it wasn’t for me. The more I used this knife however, the more I came to appreciate its simple green and black army-style appearance.


While this knife may appear simple on the surface, your mind will quickly be changed as soon as you deploy the blade.





Blade Length:  3.38″ (85.85 mm)
Blade Edge: Plain
Blade Steel: 8Cr14MoV
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Thickness: 0.107″ (2.72 mm)
Closed Length: 4.222″ (107.24 mm)
Weight: 3.5 oz. (99.22g)
Handle: G10
Overall Length: 7.5″ (190.5 mm)





The Ignitor sports a sharp satin blade with a relatively thin profile. It features a short swedge, a drop point blade shape and a high hollow grind.


If you don’t know anything about Ken Steigerwalt, the knife maker who designed the Ignitor, you probably won’t notice that this blade is very much his style…



He generally makes thinner blade profiles, and he’s very good at it. He did a great job with the design of this one, and it shows not only in appearance, but in performance as well.


The blade is made from 8Cr14, which as you probably know, is comparable to AUS 8 steel.


Overall, the blade has pretty good edge retention, pretty good corrosion resistance, but spectacular ease of sharpening…


All in all, it’s a decent steal. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s still a great budget steel. For the cost, you absolutely cannot beat 8Cr14.



I have TONS of knives that use this steel, and I’m happy with a lot of them. I obviously wouldn’t want this steel in my HEAVY-DUTY cutters like my survival knives, but for EDC purposes it’s perfect.




A gross oversimplification is to say the G-10 scales on this handle grip easily and are comfortable to hold.


The handle scales are colored green and black, which makes for an army-like appearance. The scales are made from lightly textured G-10 and truly are an absolute delight to hold.


Image result for crkt ignitor handle


Overall, the Ignition’s green and black layered G-10 handle is durable and attractive. It features a molded-in grip texture to help you grip it in adverse conditions. It’s nothing exceptionally special, but it’s plenty good for an EDC knife.




The pocket clip on the Ignitor is Right handed tip down carry only. Sorry lefties, you’re crap out of luck on that one…


THAT BEING SAID, the pocket clip on this things is great, but the handle material will wear on whatever you clip it too. It’s slightly aggressive, and it’s gonna leave a mark over time.


Personally, I don’t mind that, as I’d rather have a clip that is strong, reliable, durable and functional. So what if it does a little wear on my jeans pocket over the next two years?



Another mentionable fact about this knife is that the clip makes the knife ride super low. I happen to love this, as I like my knives to be out of site…


I have no desire to brandish my blades, so if you DO like to show off your knives in pocket, keep in mind that this clip won’t really do that for you.



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The Ignitor is a pocket knife with some real interesting deployment action. It uses CRKT’s patented outburst opening technology, and it doesn’t disappoint.


The Ignitor’s Outburst technology really is a pleasant addition to this knife. It gives it that extra “oomph” I like to have in my deployments. It really does give it that satisfying wrist-snapping action when you whip it open.



If you’ve never used a thumbstud button before, it might come as a slight adjustment shock to you…


It’s different from other opening mechanisms in that it’s something that has to be practiced before it can be done naturally. It’s not hard to master, but it’s a necessity unless you want to cut yourself.




Considering all the fancy features on this knife, I find it funny that the overall feel of it in my hand is one of my favorite things about it.


It has a thick handle that I can grip comfortably, which is kind of a big deal for someone like me who has fat sausage fingers.


This handle is kind of shaped like a box (just like the Buck 110) and that’s why I believe the ergos are so good… On both these knives, the full-bodied handles sit so comfortably in hand.


I found that even prolonged use with this handle didn’t yield any hotspots, which is pretty amazing! The ergos on this knife, whether for light EDC or heavy duty cutting, are simply exceptional.






The Ignitor uses a basic liner lock, one that’s just how I like it- nice and chunky… none of that weak flimsy crap.  Simply said, the lockup on this knife is solid… 


Even after months of medium-heavy usage, there’s still no side to side play.  On top of that, the blade centering is still perfect in dead center.




To keep it real, this knife is meant to fulfill and EDC role, not a tactical role. I’ve seen a lot of other review sites labeling this knife as a tactical folder, and I just don’t agree with that.


Sure, the blade shape is somewhat tactical looking, but that doesn’t change the fact that this knife uses a thumbstud button opener…


Let’s face it, when your life’s on the line in a self-defense situation, are you going to want to have to rely on a fancy thumbstud button opener?



Sure, you can become super skilled with this knife’s deployment style, but that still doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for a tactical situation.


Personally, I would much rather have a flipper folder for self defense. They minimize deployment error and practically anyone can use one- even under stress. 


THAT BEING SAID, this knife still performs HEAVENLY as an EDC. Don’t remove this knife from its intended element… it’s an EDC knife first and foremost.


Use this knife as intended and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I love the fancy deployment, I really do, but there’s a time and place for it. That time and place is simple every day tasks- NOT self defense situations.




  EXTREMELY Ergonomically Sound Design
  Impressively Snappy “Outburst” Technology
  Simple yet Beautiful Dual-Color G-10 Handle
  It has “That Rugged Army Look”




‘Outburst’ Opening has a Learning Curve
Pocket clip can wear on your pocket after a while
No lanyard hole




At the end of the day, the Ignitor is fun and playful addition to any EDC rotation. It’s also quite adept at handing any general EDC tasks that you might throw at it.


After owning this thing for a couple years and using it for more “dirty” tasks like light outdoor work, I can say that it’s been used for pretty much everything…. and it hasn’t let me down. 


Funny enough, CRKT actually named this knife the “Ingitor” because it was meant to ignite your passion for high-tech folders… I wouldn’t disagree with that.


All things considered, I always fancy taking this knife out with me when I go camping. I really can’t get enough of that deployment. I just love the powerful *snap* it produces.

Image result for snap

If you’re looking for a medium-sized EDC that has that manly army style, you might consider this one. The Outburst is fun, the G-10 is rugged and the ergonomics are spectacular… this is a winner by CRKT, no doubt.



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2 thoughts on “CRKT Ignitor Folding Pocket Knife (REVIEW)

  1. I really like the handle of this knife, it looks steady and firm, an easy grip. The pocket clip is extremely practical, especially when you’re out and about, camping for example. This knife is a very useful thing to have. Especially for me, living the way I do, on my land, still building my house, and having still quite primitive living circumstances 😉 (which is only temporary) 

    Do you only recommend this knife or self-defense? Or what other uses would be good for this kind of knife? I’d like to have it actually. It looks like something that can be used for a lot of work outside as well. 

    • Hi Christine! To answer your question, no, I would not recommend this knife for self defense. Instead, I would choose a knife with an easier, more straightforward method of deployment…. like one with a flipper! A good example of this would be the SCHRADE Scha7. .

      It’s a very fast, no nonsense knife. Perfect for self defense. As for other uses of the Ignitor, it makes for an excellent camping + all purpose knife! It’s great for any EDC tasks you might have (:

      Hope I helped!

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