Kershaw Shuffle Pocket Knife REVIEW

“Petite… Yet Badass.” 


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I like small pocket knives… but I like weird and small pockets even more!


It should come as no surprise then that I’m a fanboy of the Kershaw Shuffle


Image result for kershaw shuffle


Frankly, it’s kind of an oddball of a knife… It’s just like skittles candy… it comes in a crap load of different colors!


…I mean, who isn’t a fan of a little delicious rainbow variety!?




Overall, the Kershaw Shuffle is a versatile and affordable little EDC pocket knife. 


Let’s face it… this thing is cute as a button. It’s small, non-threatening and surprisingly practical…



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Another cool random thing about the Shuffle? It has its own screwdriver and bottle opener!


That’s precisely why I love having this compact and discreet blade on me at shindigs and parties…


Take last night for instance: All these pineapples I partied with were so happy I had my Shuffle knife on me to pop open their drinks with…


Photo Of Three Pineapples Surrounded By Balloons


At least, they were happy… that is, until I used my knife to slice ’em open and gobble them up.


Yum…. pineapple.


ANWAYS, I have a massive collection of pocket knives of all shapes and sizes…



Funny enough, my Shuffle somehow still manages to stand out dramatically among them.


The urban design is a breath of fresh air, and I’d be lying if I said the simplicity of it all isn’t appealing.


I’ve been a Kershaw fan for a long time now, yet they never fail to surprise me.


Somehow, Kershaw continues to come up with all these exciting, quirky and innovative knife designs. Sweet job, Kershaw!




On the most basic level, the shuffle is well suited for anyone who wants a small EDC with a big personality. 



This EDC folder is reliable, stylish and easy to use, as well as easy to carry inconspicuously while riding deep in the pocket.


Of course, this knife has some minor flaws, as does any knife… 


The Shuffle’s flaws, however, are simply outweighed and outnumbered by the positive attributes of this knife.


There is simply too much good to outweigh the bad. 



So, all things considered, the Shuffle’s appropriate for the following people: 


1) Those who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money

2) Those who enjoy compact EDC’s

3) Those who don’t mind GFN handles

4) Those who like some multi-purpose function in their knives.




At the end of the day, I can’t help but be impressed by the shuffle…


It’s well-built, practical to use, multi-purpose and downright pleasant to look at.



After having EDC’d this knife for some time, I’ve definitely put it through a lot of trauma.


I actually have 3 different shuffles and, surprisingly, they made it out alive and are still fully intact. It’s a durable knife for sure.




For the low price point of this knife though, the value this thing brings to the table is killer.


Here’s the deal: there are a lot of amazing knives out there at this price point, I’m not gonna lie…


BUT EVEN SO, this knife still earned its rightful place among them, and it even manages to stand out and shine.


This is an excellent, reliable, and stylish EDC for those on a tighter budget.


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If you’re a knife person, you’re probably going to raise an eyebrow when you first see this knife up close and in person.



If I had to guess, it probably looks quite unlike most other knives you’re used to handling. In truth, it’s kind of a funny looking knife…


I guess it’s an acquired taste, but it’s definitely grown on me over time. 


As for the overall fit and finish on this knife, it was definitely well executed.


Blade centering was spot on, and the factory edges were sharp enough.




  • Blade Steel: 8Cr13MoV, bead-blasted finish
  • Handle: Glass-filled nylon, K-Texture™ grip
  • Blade Length: 2.4 in. (6 cm)
  • Closed Length: 3.25 in. (8.3 cm)
  • Overall Length: 5.75 in. (14.6 cm)
  • Weight: 2.8 oz. (79.4 g)
  • Extras: Bottle opener, flat head screwdriver, lanyard hole
  • Lock: Inset liner lock
  • Pocket Clip: Reversible Pocketclip (left/right, tip-up)




The Shuffle sports an edgy (yet short) blackwash drop-point blade.


It has a high hollow grind, a swedge and thumbstuds…



This blade shape is somewhat unique, in that it’s much shorter and more rounded than most other blade shapes.


The reason I’m such a big fan of this blade, though, is that you can get so much leverage on your cuts.


In other words, you can really dig in with this blade. The grip you can get on the handle is a powerful one.


The power of leverage is phenomenal, and having a knife that can take advantage of leverage is extremely useful.


Also, a short blade like this gives you much more control over your cuts…


It might not sound that remarkable, but many of my bigger EDCs are pretty severely limited in their ability to maneuver difficult or awkward cuts…


Again, the shortened blade on the Shuffle lets it handle awkwardly angled cuts like a pro. 


Aside from accessibility though, general cutting performance was average and was right around my expectations for this knife.



In terms of steel used, the blade is made from 8Cr13Mov. No surprise here, as that’s a steel Kershaw loves to use…


Is it a super steel? No. It’s not even a premium steel. That being said, 8Cr13Mov is still an amazing steel for the money.


In other words, 8Cr13Mov is a value steel, and actually a good one at that.


It holds an edge long enough, sharpens super easily and is quite corrosion resistant…


All things considered, it’s pretty much the best kind of steel you can get for the money.


I have several Kershaws (which I love) that use this very same steel. It hasn’t disappointed.




The Shuffle’s Handle is made from glass filled nylon, or GFN.


A gross oversimplification of GFN would be to say that it’s strong yet ugly…



GFN handles are SUPER tough, versatile and good for hard, heavy-duty use… YET, they can feel cheap, tacky and plasticky.


I’ve found that’s not really the case with this handle, however.


It isn’t cheap feeling like some other GFN handles I have. You still feel like you have some substance with this handle.



Sure, the scales look a little tacky with all the K’s imprinted into the Shuffle’s handle texture…


On the other hand, all that flash is part of the appeal. It boasts an edgy, urban appeal, and  with confidence. That’s pretty awesome in my opinion.


It’s like this knife’s message to use is this: “Why always be the same? Why not spice things up and them differently, and with more excitement??” 


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Kershaw did an okay job with the pocket clip. Just ok. On one hand, it’s strong, sturdy and just flexible enough.


On the other hand, it is a little too tight and doesn’t really allow for such a smooth insertion or removal.



Also, the pocket clip IS reversible, so that’s a nice feature.


I think every single knife coming out should at LEAST have a reversible pocket clip… #NoLeftiesLeftBehind



One other aspect I like is how deep this knife rides in the pocket.


The only part that isn’t concealed is the small screwdriver end of the handle.




This isn’t a fancy deploying knife. Let’s just get that out of the way right now.



The Shuffle opens using dual thumbstuds, and there is no assisted opening, so it’s 100% manual.



I found that the deployment was a little rough at first, but it became a lot smoother after breaking it in a bit.




The ergos are good but limited. In other words, this handle is optimized perfectly for a single hand position.



The finger grooves are placed perfectly and even leave a little bit of room for big sausage fingers like mine.


If you’re someone who likes to choke up, you’re in luck. This handle is made for that. 



The ricasso is shaped perfectly to create an extra finger groove for you to choke up on and get a super solid grip.




The lock is a simple liner lock. It provides a solid lockup with no blade play. That’s always impressive at this price point.


One potential negative of this lock is the fact that the GFN scales cover the locking liner and make accessibility a little harder.



The cut out for the lock should have been made a little bigger.


That would have made disengaging the lock with your thumb a little easier…



This isn’t a dealbreaker, though. I’m still able to access the lock without having to use two fingers (like some of my other knives.) So I can let it slide…




This blade has a nice big ol fat belly, so it came as no surprise that it makes for an awesome slicer.



As I’ve said before, the short length of blade is advantageous when it comes to making precision cuts- kind of like a scalpel is good for surgery. 



It’s kind of random, but I love whittling animals out of bars of soap, and this is one of my favorites knives to do that with.


The short blade really gives you that extra bit of control you need to get next-level precision in your cuts.



While the Shuffle’s not a beater, it’s no brittle toothpick either.


I don’t hesitate to take it out with me on a long hike. I’ll carve sticks with it, do a little knife throwing… I’m not afraid to be a little rough on this knife.




  Durable Textured G-10 Handles
  Multipurpose (Bottle Opener + Screwdriver)
  Comes in Lots of Colors
  Effective Slicer (A Big Belly Blade) 




Bottle opener works, but isn’t the most effective  
Designated finger choils only allow for a limited number of hand positions 






If you’re still unsure about the Shuffle, or if it’s CLOSE to what you want but not exactly what you want, don’t worry.


There are a lot of great aspects of this blade, but obviously, just because I like it doesn’t mean you will…


In such a case, here are my 3 alternatives to the Kershaw Shuffle:


1) The CRKT Squid 

Small, powerful and reliable… When it comes to sheer quality, the Squid is one of the best pocket knives at  this price point.

(Check out my review for the CRKT Squid here.)


2) The CRKT Drifter 

Minimalistic with a superb design… This knife spices up your EDC rotation without breaking the bank.

(Check out my review for the CRKT Squid here.)


3) The Gerber Air Ranger 

Image result for gerber air ranger

Classic and rugged… There’s a reason the Air Ranger because a famous folding knife.

(Check out my review for the CRKT Squid here.)




The Kershaw Shuffle is kind of a loner, meaning that it’s a knife in its own little specialized category…


It slices things (and well), it screws things in, and it pops open bottles adequately enough.


In other words,  it’s a jack of all trades type of knife.



I’m cannot tell a lie.


I’m not going to look you straight in the face and tell you this is the best knife I’ve ever used for this price point… I won’t.


I WILL, however, tell you the truth….


The Shuffle is truly one of a kind, and that is why it’s such a famous knife.


It has its own uncopyable design as well as unmistakable edgy style…


In simpler words? It’s uniqueand that actually means something nowadays in the golden age of mass production.


I find there’s a lot to love about the Shuffle if you’re just willing to look…


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NOTE: Please familiarize yourself with the appropriate state and local regulations by contacting your local police dept., legal counsel and/or attorney general’s office. You, as the buyer, not, are responsible to understand your local, state, and federal laws before placing an order.



4 thoughts on “Kershaw Shuffle Folding Pocket Knife (REVIEW)

  1. Great review of the Kershaw Shuffle pocket knife. I hadn’t actually heard of this pocket knife before now, but I’m intrigued by the unusual style of it. As you said, “a breath of fresh air” indeed. I feel a little ignorant here but what does EDC mean? I’m thinking this Kershaw Shuffle blade will make a cool stocking stuffer this Christmas. Thanks again and have a good one.

  2. You have left me with no questions about this knife as you have covered it all very well in your review.  You have explained its compact size, its versatility and strength and the grade of steel used to make it. 

    I love the colours which along with its peculiar shape gives it character but also makes it very visible. 

    This was a very comprehensive review of a small but very clever little pocket Knife which anyone  could carry in their purse or clipped on their belt.  and at only around $20  it is an essential tool for anyone of us. Keeping one in the house and one in the car would be a great idea because you never know when you might need a knife as versatile as this one. 

  3. Hello Kada! Compliments of the season. I guess one of these knives would be nice to slice off the head of a chicken 😊. Unlike now, I use to love knives very much back in those days. Well, I am really amazed by the beautiful design and as you have said, these knives look weird and cool too.

  4. Thank you for sharing your review on the Kershaw shuffle pocket knife. This brand does great design. As you have said on earlier about the flaws of this knife, I certainly agree with you that the good outweighs the bad. I love the compatibility and portability of this knife. Really intriguing.

    You have really amazing collection of knives on your website

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