SHRADE SCHA7GR Folding Pocket Knife Review

Toxic Green, Insane Speed 


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I’ve always been a fan of knives that really  stand out  from the pack… I’m a little odd myself, so it comes as no surprise that I actively seek out knives with an edgy, unconventional style… 


For that reason alone, when I first laid eyes on this little neon green devil it INSTANTLY grabbed my attention! And I mean instantly… I was obsessed from day one and I needed to have it. 



So, of course, I ended up buying it! Needless to say, I’ve had a HELL of a lot of experiences with this knife. I’ve pretty much taken this thing to hell and back, and it’s still kickin! 



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Luckily for me, this thing turned out to be so much more of a beast than I’d expected…


When I first took this thing home, I wasn’t actually expecting much in terms of performance. Rather, I merely saw it as green-apple eye candy… which is kind of crazy looking back at it now. 




“Ultimately, the SCHA7GR is a modern, urban-style EDC pocket knife that leaves a strong and lasting impression on anyone who comes in contact with it.”



It sports an impressive AUS 8 modified clip point blade and a surprisingly speedy and powerful M.A.G.I.C assist deployment.


Other standout features are its heavily contoured NEON GREEN aluminum handle as well as its conveniently placed and easy-to-use safety switch.




Put simply, the ideal knife head who would benefit most from a folder like this is one who has an eccentric personality and a thirst for nonconformity.


Do you like neon colors? This knife might be for you. Do you like futuristic, charismatic and stylish knives that stand out from the crowd? Again, this knife might be for you.



This knife is also ideal for those who are looking for a speedy, snappy deployment with no lag.


If you’re used to using automatic knives yet you are looking to transition to spring-assisted, this knife is going to make that an easy transition, as they aren’t so different….


This knife is pretty much the closest you can get to being automatic while still remaining only spring assisted. 


If, on the other hand, you are someone who prefers a more conventional pocket knife, this is Probably NOT going to be a good fit for you.


True to their mission and their direction for pocket knives as a whole, SCHRADE had a paradigm shift in mind while creating this knife…



“Traditional” clearly wasn’t their intended goal when designing this beast… it has innovation, style, urbanization and creativity written all over it.


What’s most impressive about the SCHA7 is that it’s sushering in a newer, bolder style of pocket knives that defies the status quo, and that’s a paradigm shift I can get behind.




I freaking love this knife. It is and forever will be one of my favorite knives of all time…


I love the neon green handles, I love the lightning fast deployment, I love the AUS 8 blade…. most of all, I love how you can get all of these amazing features for such a reasonable price point.


Without a doubt in my mind, SCHRADE created one of- if not THE best pocket knife for this price point.


It’s simply amazing… The amount of value you get for the price you’re paying is phenomenal. That’s undeniable. But even when price is taken out of the equation, the fact still remains that this is a highly practical knife with a useful set of specialized skills.



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Anyway, let’s not beat around the obnoxiously bright, neon green bush here…. this is one bold-ass color for a knife.


Yes, it’s a very LOUD color… Frankly, I think that this is the type of paint job that you’re either going to be obsessed with, or, totally hate and be disgusted with it… 



It’s a distracting color, no doubt, but that’s just ONE of the many things that differentiates this knife from every other boring, run of the mill folder out there. The quesion to ask yourself then becomes, how different a knife do you really want? 


This knife really draws on your need for pocket knives that break that social convention of normality, and for that I applaud it. 




Let’s talk about the specs on this knife…  It has an overall length of 7.6 inches, a blade length of 3.3 inches, and a weight of 4.8 ounces… so all things considered, these are generally considered good dimensions for your average-sized every day carry


If anything, I’d say it feels as if it’s just slightly on the heavier side of EDC knives.


It just has that little bit of extra heft in your hands, which is nice. It makes it feel like you’re actually wielding something with some oomph in it. 



In terms of thickness, it is a little thicker than what you might be accustomed to. For example, it’s thicker than something like the Spiderco Tencacious. 


The scales are medium to heavily contoured, and that causes them to puff out a little bit to the sides. It’s by no means obtrusive or ergonomically inneficent, but it is something to take into consideration if you’re seeking a super thin knife. 




Alright, on to the blade! The SCHA7GR sports a black modified clip point blade made from AUS 8 steel. Overall, I’ve actually been super impressed with this blade. 


There’s a nice sweep on the belly of the blade, so it does make for a pretty satisfying slicer. 




Is it the best slicer I’ve EVER used at this price point? No, but it’s still good… One area where this blade really does excel, however, is penetration.


That’s no surprise considering this is a clip point. Clip Point knives are the best piercers and penetrators out there, and this one is no exception. 



As far as blade material, AUS 8 is an extremely valuable blade steel at a great price…


It’s sharp enough, it holds an edge long moderately well, it’s rust resistant and easily sharpened. It’s an amazing steel for the price, and that’s all that really has to be said about it…


Without a doubt, there are higher quality blade steels out there… but I can promise you you’re not gonna find them at THIS price point.


As a matter of fact, I’m a little surprised you can even get AUS 8 at this price. Most knives in this price range are typically 8cr13Mov or less… not that 8cr13 isn’t a good budget steel.




The SCHA7GR has a coarse green powder coated aluminum handle. Yeah… The handle scales are what really drew me to this knife in the first place.



I love the invigorating effect that neon green has. The colors aren’t the only aspect of these handles that I’m a fan of though. I dig the intricate contours… In my opinion they spice up the design and make it appear more urban.


Well, how about the clip? The pocket clip on this knife is tip down non-reversible.


That kind of sucks that it’s not reversible, but there’s nothing you can really do about that. Shame on Schrade for not making this a four way clip. Sorry lefties!! 


All things considered though, the handle on this knife is a good one. It’s strong, durable, stylish, well-constructed, ergonomically sound and well designed with a good fit and finish.



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Alright let’s talk about deployment- the bread and butter of this knife…  I’m just gonna say it: This thing really blurs the line between an assisted opening knife and an automatic knife.


And the reason I say that is because on a normal spring-assisted knife, the flipper is actually part of the blade, and when you pull it, you’re actually pulling the whole blade out. The magic assist on this knife is a little different… 



With this one, you’ve got a little button that’s LIKE a flipper, and when you pull the button, the button actually stays in place. You see, it’s not actually connected to the blade.


In this case, the button actually just causes something inside of the knife to shift, which releases the blade, and WHOOSH!! Damn boy let me tell you… this thing moves quick.


This thing is lightning fast. I swear, if I didn’t know better, I would think this is automatic knife… but it’s not, it’s a spring-assisted knife. 


Without a doubt though, my favorite part of this knife is the deployment. It’s just so quick and so snappy. Now, in terms of straight power, it’s not a brick sh*thouse like it’s brother, the SCHA4BG, which a total powerhouse of a knife… but that doesn’t make it any less impressive in its own light. 



When you deploy the blade on the SCHA4, you’re going to get some recoil on your wrist. It’s a very powerful spring… So while the SCHA7 has a very quick deployment, it doesn’t have that same level of snap to it like its brother.


In the end, whichever knife is right for you really depends on personal preference and how you like your deployments to feel. This knife is faster, the other one is stronger. They offer two totally different experiences. 




The ergos on this knife are actually pretty good. The scales definitely look slightly angular, but they actually fit snugly in the palm of your hand.


The scales are not obtrusive like you might expect them. I mean, based on how they look, it seems like they could be problematic… They definitely have that modern, almost futuristic SCHRADE look to them, one that almost makes you question their practicality. 



Yes, it’s a heavily contoured handle, but unlike a lot of other knives, SCHRADE actually did a really good job by making this handle comfortable and well suited for ergonomically friendly usage.


It’s funny though.. In terms basic design, this handle kind of reminds me of the Benchmade 940 Osborne. They both share that common look, only this is a little more aggressive looking, especially with the color.




The SCHA7GR uses a simple liner lock, one that is moderately thick and also has a generous amount of jimping.


Now, I’m actually a big fan of this liner lock. It’s one of those locks that’s just so satisfying to disengage. It’s easy, it’s smooth, there’s no resistance or fumbling around… it’s just a nice, fumble-free disengagement process. 


As far as thickness of the locking liner, it’s thick enough to instill confidence.


I’ve done some relatively heavy duty EDC tasks with this knife and I’ve never had the fear that the lock was going to fail on me. Obviously you can only push a liner lock so far, but as far as liner locks go, this one’s a good one. 



Now another nice little detail thrown in by Schrade is the safety on this knife. On the inside of the safety there’s a little red dot so that you know the blade is hot.


Remember, when it comes to safeties, “red you’re dead”…


So as long as the safety is on black, you’re not going to be able to deploy the blade.. So that’s just a nice little feature thrown in by Schrade. You can never be too safe with a knife like this.. 


Speaking of safety, funny story, I kind of have a love-hate relationship with this knife…


A couple weeks after I first got it I was playing around with the deployment like I usually do with any knife obviously I’m a huge fan of how this knife opens and I find it fun to just do it over and over again… 


One-time, however, I wasn’t paying attention… I was deploying with the thumb studs, and my thumb slipped right up onto the blade.


I sh*t you not, the tip of my thumb was hanging on by a thread. It was just dangling there… If you were here I could show you, but I still have scar across my thumb. I’m lucky to still have the tip attached…


But yeah, a love-hate relationship… I’ve accepted it. You really can never have too much knife safety. Don’t be stupid like me. 




  Stylish Contoured Green Handle

 Razor Sharp Black AUS-8 Blade

Wicked Fast Opening Mechanism

  Convenient Safety Switch




NONE….. I know, right. 




To wrap up, this knife truly is a green beast. As far as what I don’t like, nothing really comes to mind, and that’s what’s crazy about this. For a knife of this price point, your typically gonna find a couple things wrong, but I haven’t. 


The steel’s on point, the handle is beautiful, the spring is powerful, the ergonomics are satisfying, and the pocket clip is durable… I mean, this knife is firing on all 4 cylinders. Schrade really knocked it out of the park with this knife. They killed it. 


So if you’re into cool urban pocket knives, and you like the bright, boisterous green design, I would highly recommend this knife. For the price point you’re definitely not going to beat it. This thing is a machine, and it’s still one of my favorite EDC’s to this day.



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5 thoughts on “SCHRADE Scha7Gr Folding Pocket Knife (REVIEW)

  1. OOOH!  Does it come in a different neon color though?  Because I’ve actually been looking for a pocket knife for use around the barn. I always need one and I never have one! Now I don’t mind bright colors and this green isn’t a bad green, but I would love it in neon purple instead!  I’m going to have to check it out.  It actually looks like it would be perfect for my needs.

    Though I will definitely avoid slicing off my thumb tip!

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. My son loves knives, he collects them like no other. But they have always locked away. I think this will be a perfect Christmas gift for my son. The ergonomics of it fitting snugly in the hand if perfect. It’s a different unique color, which is a driving force when making a purchase for one of my kids. 

  3. I want this knife! I fully intend to share it on Facebook and demand that somebody get it for me for Christmas! Or my birthday, which is one month later. Like you, I’m in love with the futuristic look combined with the superb functionality that you reviewed. Sorry about your thumb! Sounds like what would happen to me. I’ll be sure and keep safe. Thank you for pointing out this fabulous piece of cutlery!

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